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April 6, 2021

Buy full course airline industry fundamentals

The Online Transport Academy MOVE
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How to cooperate with the airline industry?
MOVE ― The Online Transport Academy is proud to announce its Aviation Industry Fundamentals course. This unique course is designed for corporate clients who are or are planning to work with the aviation industry and who want to provide their employees with basic but critical information about how the aviation industry works. Banks, insurance companies and many others are among those who will benefit greatly from the course.
The structure of the course
The course consists of nine parts, each of which includes two 30-minute video lessons, one intermediate self-test and interactive with the lecturer (questions and answers), as well as a final online test. The main topics include Air Transport Ecosystem, Airlines and their business, Ground Infrastructure, Air navigation services, Suppliers and service providers for airline operations, Suppliers of machinery and equipment for air transport, Sales and Marketing, Aviation Authorities and Industry Associations, The Future of Air Transport.

A stellar team of aviation experts teamed up to develop the course, including
Chris Tarry, CTAIRA
Marius Gelžinis, CEO of SE Lithuanian Airports
Bakari Abubakar, Independent Consultant Management, Frontier Innovative Solutions
Boris Rybak, CEO, Infomost Consulting
Achim Waeber, Former Managing Director, European and Government Affairs, Lufthansa German Airlines
Aboudi Nasser, Chief Commercial Officer, London Stansted Airport
They will give students a deep understanding of the aviation industry and teach them to speak the same language with their aviation counterparts.
Understanding is the path to success
Total course time is 30 hours. We recommend going through one part per week. Upon completion of the course, students receive an e-book with presentations and lectures, as well as access to video recordings. Upon successful completion of the final test (part 10), students receive a certificate of professional development. Cost for a company: 5,000 euros (the number of students is not limited).

MOVE — The Online Transport Academy invites all companies that interact in varying degrees with the air transport industry to take the Aviation Industry Fundamentals course for more efficient operation and mutual benefit.
MOVE – The Online Transport Academy
Now eLearning in transportation is made possible. We see eLearning as a flexible and efficient way to prepare for tomorrow. So the MOVE academy gathers online courses in transportation from worldwide experts in one place. Our scope ranges from short masterclasses to full scale proficiency programs. We are interested in Logistics, Air Transport, Road & Urban Transport, Railway Transport, Shipping & Cruise Lines. Our topics include Business Development Strategy & Operations, Financial Management, Digital Transformation, Sales, Marketing and Communications, Safety & Security, Legal Issues, Fuel Supply, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, Career, English Language, Soft skills.
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