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December 1, 2020

Interview with Cesar Pereira, the new Vice President of Embraer

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Dear colleagues!
Watch the interview of Infomost Consulting CEO Boris Rybak with Cesar Pereira, the new Vice President of Embraer at the Wings of the Future forum 2020.
What challenges is Embraer facing in the COVID era?
After Boeing's decision not to form a joint venture with Embraer, how are things?
What is the current situation with transportation in the segment of aircraft from 100 to 150 seats?
Is this market more resilient compared to narrow body?
How to achieve efficiency on regional routes, where unit cost is by definition higher than on medium-haul routes?
How to generate cache and reduce costs?
What will be the new normal?
How are different markets recovering?
Will Embraer Build Next Generation Turboprop Aircraft?
What opportunities do new technologies open up?
Will Embraer compete with or complement the SSJ100?
+7 495 108-51-43
Margarita Gukasova
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