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Business Aviation Forum 2016
Business Aviation Forum 2016
9th international conference
Location: Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel Date:September 7, 2016
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9th International Business Aviation Forum took place in Moscow on September 7. The key annual event for corporate and private aviation market was organized by a joint effort of  Russia's United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA) and ATO Events company with sponsorship support from Gulfstream Aerospace

Once again the event served as a traditional get-together for business aviation market players, who used this opportunity to discuss the current issues and the changes the industry experienced since last year.

RUBAA's chairman Alexander Kuleshov in his welcome address wished Forum delegates constructive  work. His pier from ATO Events, Alexey Komsrov encouraged the audience to open up to dialogue and exchange of views in order to paint the big picture of the ongoing changes in the industry. "Business aviation remains very closed in terms of statistics, and the Forum is basically the only place, which gives us an access to first-hand information directly from the market players. That's the Forum's added value for us and the delegates," he said.

The first session discussed the issues of the state regulation of the business aviation industry. RUBAA's vice-president Milhail Titov offered detailed comments on those chapters of the Russian Customs Code, which concern business aircraft owners and operators.

Jason Silberbrandt, head of Aurum Jets provided an in-depth analysis of the global corporate aircraft market with a credible forecast for the year ahead.

In his turn, Alexander Kuleshov shared the statistical data, which demonstrate the trends that manifest themselves on today's bizav market in Russia. 

Airports in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Nizhniy Novgorod handle  up to 80% of all business aircraft movements in Russia attributed to both Russian and foreign operators.

"The trends apparent in the industry today, originate from the events of 2014. The number of flights has plunged. But despite of the decline the market volume remains sufficient to sustain operations of many players. Our main objective is to make it more competitive and more organized," head of RUBAA concluded.

Heated discussion of the industry's future in Russia and the CIS continued during the panel session, which brought together executives of operators and charter brokers. Martin Lener of Tyrolean Air Services, Azat Mulgimov, who heads the Moscow office for Air Charter Service and Vitaliy Tereschenko, general director at Sirius Aero, shared their views on the subject.

Vladimir Lapinsky, general director of  Meridian airlines discussed how some provisions pf the Russia legislation in terms of transport security apply to business aviation operators. He argued that business aviation has its specific features, and attempts to apply the stiff security approach to this sensitive industry lead to loss of its competitiveness on the global market. The speaker particularly pointed out such measures as submitting the passengers' personal data to authorities, carrying arms and transferring video streams from on board of the aircraft.

"It can be technically difficult to comply with all the regulations. Sometimes we don't know who the passengers are. So these requirements pose complications to the operator, impact the privacy and create inconveniences to the passengers," Lapinsky summarized.

However, failure to comply with the regulations, for example in part of submitting passengers' personal data, leads to suspension of the company's operations for the term of up to 90 days, which certainly has negative impact on its business. Thus, operators opt to comply. Meridian's director presented a resolution, which can facilitate operators' activities in this field and encouraged operators to sign it in order to promote the initiative with the authorities.

Within the session that followed, chairman of Streamline Ops, Leonid Koshelev, deputy director of Unijet Artyom Stepanov, RAOPA's president Vladimir Tyurin and managing partner of Khorugvino Helicopter Center Alexander Gordeychuk voiced their expert views on ground handling in Russia. 

Their colleagues, RUBAA's vice-president Yevgeniy Bakhtin and general director of Domodedovo Business Aviation Center, Anton Yarsuk talked about volatility of airport ground handling costs in the downturn environment and discussed other aspects of business aviation infrastructure development.

The closing part of the Forum featured two presentations and a discussion on distribution of business aviation services. Alexander Yevdokimov, general director of Jet Transfer; Sergey Ponomarenko, executive director at  JetHunter; Igor Bublovsky, director of MSKY and Andret Kalinin, managing partner at Business Aviation Club, joined in the discussion.  

Igor Allyikhin, business development director at Charterscanner, presented an overview of business sviation trends and expressed his point of view in terms of online platform development. "Operators should work on their brand development, because Charterscanner's data shows that when choosing a charter, clients consider the operator's image, not only the price-tag," he explained. "The customer is changing, and the requirements posed to operators change as well. Demand for transparency of the transactions and simplified reservation process is on the rise. So operators should be able to adapt to these changes and learn to communicate efficiently with their end-user."

Finally, Sergey Potapov, deputy director at Aviasystems reported on the specifics of conducting IS-BAO audits. 

We thank all of the Forum's participants and are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!

Speakers at previous conferences include:

Valery Ochirov, RUBAA  
Fabio Gamba, European  
Business Aviation Association
Alexander Kuleshov, RUBAA
Sergei Ponomarenko, 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
of Russian Federation
Trevor Esling,  
Gulfstream Aerospace
Oliver King, Avinode
Boris Bychkov,  
Airclaims CIS
Derek Bloom,  
Capital Legal Services
Evgeny Bakhtin,  
Vladimir Lapinsky, 
Meridian Air Company
Leonid Koshelev, Jet 2000Sergei Potapov, Aviasystems
Ivan Kudakin, 
VIPPORT (Vnukovo)
Andrey Akopov,  
Vostok Technical Service
Alexander Klimchuk,  
Aerosouz Helicopter Company

Participants testimonials

"Thanks to the organizers of the event, as they want to change something to make it better."
Valentina Butinets, GH Manager, International Airport "Simferopol"

"Highly professional and necessary for aviation industry to attend"
Tatiana Chernyavskaya, Business Development Manager Russia & CIS, Private Jet Charter, Hunt & Palmer

"Business Aviation Forum is a must annual event for each BIZAV professional"
Lija Montonen, Client Manager, Russian Customers, Jetflite Oy

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